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Visionaries 2014

Treasure in the Depths of the Ocean

─ Multi-stage Deep Seawater Utilization System ─

The growth of the global population is bringing with it severe water shortages in different parts of the world. With a history of taking on the many challenges associated with water,

Hitachi is now embarking on a new project that will bring relief to this situation.

This groundbreaking initiative will help provide drinking water and facilitate the creation of new industry by taking water from the deep ocean and utilizing it, firstly as a source of cold energy,

and also to produce fresh water.

Research and other studies are currently underway aimed at commercializing the technology for coastal nations or offshore islands such as those in the Pacific and Indian Oceans.


Visionaries 2014

Inexhaustible Supply of Water

with Valuable Uses

As the global population continues to grow, particularly in emerging and developing nations, providing the water infrastructure needed to support this population has become a matter of urgency. Annual worldwide demand for water is anticipated to grow by 30% or more over the 30- year period from 1995 to 2025*.

Hitachi has been supplying products, systems, and services to various di erent parts of the water industry for many years, drawing on this

experience to help resolve water-related issues around the world. Akira Yokoyama (General Manager, Water Environment Solutions Business Management Division, Infrastructure Systems Company, Hitachi, Ltd.), who is involved in these global operations, described the situation as follows.

“ e size of the global water business is expected to grow rapidly in the future. To contribute to water infrastructure in di erent parts of the world, Hitachi is seeking to keep in step with the Japanese government and its promotion of infrastructure

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