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Pacific Beachcomber augments its portfolio of resorts in French Polynesia with a luxurious eco-retreat built on Marlon Brando’s private atoll.

Words: Dan Stapleton | Photography: Courtesy of Pacific Beachcomber

In a corner of the South Paci c that has become synonymous with sprawling resorts and rows of over-water bungalows, The Brando is a de nite outlier. This new French Polynesian retreat, which sits on

a small, sandy islet inside a coral atoll, comprises just 35 villas with a maximum combined occupancy of 88. It has been built according to the wishes of the late Marlon Brando, who purchased the atoll, Tetiaroa, in the 1970s and dreamed for decades of constructing a quietly luxurious eco-hotel for fellow castaways.

The resort’s buildings, by French Polynesian rm Pierre-Jean Picart Architecte, have been designed with such deference to their

surroundings that they are barely visible from the air. By using on- hand materials such as Polynesian pandanus leaf and ironwood that was harvested from Tetiaroa’s other islets, the rm has created camou aged structures that are both aesthetically pleasing and easy to repair. Crucially, each building has been positioned so as not to obstruct movement along the islet’s beaches.

“It was Marlon’s vision to be able to walk around the island and enjoy the beaches and lagoon without any barriers,” says Richard Bailey, CEO of Paci c Beachcomber, the French Polynesian hotel group that operates The Brando. “As a result, we opted not to


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