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Playa Fronton and Madam EcoResort

Escape to a new destination focused on individual service, conservation and community Come and experience the perfect a balance of adventure and relaxation



DR has been implementing training workshops to teach local fishermen how to sustainably manage the local fishery with size regulations and zoning. They have also installed mouring bouys

and lobster casitas. Reef Check attempts to convey the message that more money can be made through tourism than fishing and thus the reefs are an asset that needs preservation. Reef Check has also been tracking the re-growth of coral at Fronton and believes that it is in a process of full recovery. Reef Check needs steady funding to protect and monitor the reef and the local community needs reliable income alternatives to bring this site to its full potential.

Mission Statement

Changing travel tastes and preferences, toward more authentic, customized, and environmentally and socially sustainable travel experiences are causing major shifts in approaches to tourism product development. The Dominican Republic, well on its way in defining itself as more than just a large-scale resort sun and sand destination, has the opportunity to claim its place among the top new innovators in sustainable development. With a creative model for hotel development that brings together stakeholders from local

communities, conservation groups, government, and private investors, the Dominican Republic can showcase itself as a new hotspot for state responsible travel.

The Playa Madam and Fronton EcoResort project will serve as a model for a new kind of tourism in DR protected areas. The resort will be located in the natural monument protected area Cabo Samana at the waters of the Banco de la Plata and La Navidad Marine Mammal Sanctuary which serves as one of the largest humpback whale breeding grounds in the world. The EcoResort will be zero impact, carbon neutral, provide a community ownership and will offer sustainable incomes for fishermen and other community members that will increase their quality of life and protect the reefs. An observation and research station will also be on site to house the local conservation NGO Reef Check and offer educational classes to visitors and residents.

Business Description

The Playa Madam and Fronton EcoResort will be a joint-venture of community members, Reef Check DR and

private social investors. The project will be executed in partnership with SEMARENA, SECTUR and the DSTA.


Projected Capital Investment Needs:


Projected Gross Revenue

($1,000s): $852 $733




Need Statement

The sister beaches of Playa Madam and Fronton are located a 10 minute boat ride from Las Galeras of the Samana Peninsula. Playa Madam, the first reached and smaller of the two, offers an intimate setting and the perfect swimming beach in a protected cove. Playa Fronton, with a coral reef on one side and 140 meter rock face on the other, provides world class rock-climbing, snorkeling, diving, bird watching and walking trails.

Tourism offerings for these two beaches are limited to day visits and a small typical restaurant on Fronton. Trips are arranged through local fishermen who transport people for a fee and supplement their incomes with fishing as needed. Decades of overfishing has greatly diminished reef fish populations, forcing fishermen to spend more money to go further distances in search of fish. The local economy is struggling, with limited job opportunities putting a strain not only on the population but also the surrounding environment.

Over the past few years Reef Check

YR 1

YR 2

YR 3

YR 4

YR 5

Projected Net Profit:

$18,000 $13,000

$7,200 ,300 TBD



YR 1

YR 2

YR 3

YR 4

YR 5

Rate of Return on Investment:

19.9% 11.8%


YR 5


YR 6


YR 2

YR 3

YR 4

Projected Job Creation:

Managers 2 Guides



Cooks Lodging Transport Other

7 2



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