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Low Carbon Green Growth Roadmap for Asia and the Pacific FACT SHEET

Eco-resorts and hotels

Key point

• Investment in energy-efficiency within hotels not only helps reduce the operating costs and the frequency of maintenance but it showcases what guests can do at home.

Eco-resorts and hotels explained

Eco-resorts and hotels are types of commercial buildings in which the eco-efficiency measures are adopted throughout the lifecycle of the building, ranging from orientation, design, operation and maintenance.

Amid rising environment pressures and soaring resource prices, there is great need for businesses to develop environment-friendly policies and adopt green practices, including the hospitality sector. Eco-resorts and hotels reduce the operational costs of buildings and/or improve the image of companies as part of corporate social responsibility. In addition to the benefits accrued to the business, hotels and resorts have a great potential to influence the behaviour of their guests and to showcase good examples of sustainable practices.1

How it works

Supply-side management is important in hotels and resorts rather than demand-energy management. Com- pared with other types of buildings, the average resource consumption of hotels and resorts is higher because customers tend to over-consume electricity and water owing to their non-direct responsibility for the utility pay- ment.

The environmental performance of eco-resorts and hotels cover water conservation, waste management, energy production and conservation, conservation of natural areas and surroundings, protection of flora and fauna, protection of air, water and soil, and environmental education.

Examples of eco-resorts and hotels

Evason Phuket in Phuket, Thailand:2 The Evason Phuket resort, which is certified by ‘Green Leaf’, one of the eco- label for green hotels and resorts, demonstrates how environment-friendly upgrades made in older buildings can improve energy efficiency and reduce water use, wastes and costs. The installation of resource- and energy- efficient equipment in the resort makes both economic and environmental sense. The investment in the energy- efficient equipment to manage energy, water and wastes brought about the following economic benefits and energy savings:

1 Singapore, Environment Council website: (accessed 25 January 2012).

2 World Wildlife Fund, Horwath HTL, and Hotel Investment Conference Asia Pacific, Towards the Business Case for Sustainable Hotels in Asia


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