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Most, however, believed that demand from Icelanders would stay the same.<br/><br/>DEMAND IN 2016<br/><br/>Almost half of the respondents believed that their company would have to increase seasonal or part-time employees, and about a third believed that they would have to increase full-time employees.<br/><br/>FACTORS THAT AFFECTED THE COMPANY'S PERFORMANCE IN 2015<br/><br/>Respondents were asked to name three factors that they believed had a positive effect on the company's performance during the year and number them in order of importance. Likewise, they had to name three factors that they believed had a negative effect. The following was most frequently mentioned.<br/><br/>POSITIVE FACTORS<br/><br/>Increased number of customers More frequent flights Marketing of the company Positive coverage<br/><br/>Tavellers' expectations/different travel... New travel products...<br/><br/>Supply of services in the region General marketing from the state Specialised marketing campaigns Improved access to the region<br/><br/>46.4%<br/><br/>35.2% 34.7%<br/><br/>28.8% 18.3%<br/><br/>16.2% 10.5%<br/><br/>9.9%<br/><br/>DO YOU BELIEVE THAT DEMAND FOR THE COMPANY&rsquo;S PRODUCTS AND SERVICES FROM THE FOLLOWING REGIONS WILL INCREASE, STAY THE SAME OR DECREASE IN 2016?<br/><br/>45.2%<br/><br/>49.9%<br/><br/>The Nordic countries The United Kingdom Central/South Europe North America Asia Other market region<br/><br/>Icelanders<br/><br/>Increase<br/><br/>Stay the same Decrease<br/><br/>71.1%<br/><br/>27.0%<br/><br/>61.5%<br/><br/>35.7%<br/><br/>73.7%<br/><br/>23.6%<br/><br/>71.6%<br/><br/>26.3%<br/><br/>52.3%<br/><br/>44.4%<br/><br/>32.5%<br/><br/>61.7%<br/><br/>7.9% 6.6%<br/><br/>NEGATIVE FACTORS<br/><br/>Increased operating costs The weather Exchange rate devlopments Transportation in general The competition environment Little service supply Lack of skilled workers Access to finance Access to the region<br/><br/>20.8% 17.4%<br/><br/>16.7% 14.3%<br/><br/>13.0% 12.2% 12.1%<br/><br/>11.7%<br/><br/>31.7%<br/><br/>DO YOU BELIEVE THAT THE COMPANY WILL HAVE AN INCREASED OR DECREASED NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES IN 2016?<br/><br/>in year-round employment<br/><br/>in seasonal or part- time employment<br/><br/>Increase<br/><br/>Stay the same Decrease<br/><br/>32.3%<br/><br/>65.7%<br/><br/>48.2%<br/><br/>48.6%<br/><br/>The company survey is available at the Tourist Board of Iceland's website.<br/><br/>26<br/><br/></span></TD><TD valign='top'><p>Image | TOURISM IN ICELAND IN FIGURES MAY 2016</p><BR><BR><img src='../images/tourism-in-iceland-in-figures-may-2016-027.jpg' alt='demand companies' products services market regions believed increase travellers america ' style='margin-left:20px;border-style:solid;border-width:1px;border-color:black;'> </TD></TR></TABLE><table border=1px solid blackstyle =width:50%> <tr> <td><b>Review of The Brando - French Polynesia </b>- Eco Resort - <a href="http://www.cruisingreview.com">Go to website</a> </td> </tr> </tr> </table> <p> </p> <address> <p>Search Engine Contact: <a href="mailto:greg@cruisingreview.com?subject="Luxury Resort Review">greg@cruisingreview.com</a></p><p><br /></p></body></html>