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Superyacht technology AntiRoll stabilising

system for superyachts After two years of development DMS brings its stabiliser to market

Words robert Wielaard

the antiroll system displayed at its launch party

arnold van aken of dMs

systems. The manufacturer has patented the system that Reint Dallinga, senior project manager and seakeeping knowledge coordinator at MARIN, describes as ‘unique’. He delivered a

paper on test results of both conventional and apping stabiliser ns to the 2014 HISWA International Symposium on Yacht Design and Yacht Construction.

Novel n design

AntiRoll introduces a radically di erent n, one that ‘ aps’ 35° up and down o a small horizontal cylinder on the

hull. When not in use, the n folds up, ush against the

hull. For sailing yachts, DMS recommends recessing the cylindrical housing halfway into the hull to reduce drag. On motoryachts, says DMS, the AntiRoll’s high-aspect

For boat designers and builders everywhere, the search for comfort and stability is an unrelenting quest. A

key player in that search for stability at sea and anchor is Arnold van Aken. His moment of glory capped two years

of hush-hush research that began with him tinkering

with barbecue skewers and Lego bricks, and ended with a heart-felt promotion of his roll damping system to a senior member of Feadship at METS in 2013. When he was done, the Feadship man told van Aken, ‘that’s exactly what we need!’.

Less than a year later, in September 2014, Dynamic Marine Systems BV (DMS), the engineering company

of van Aken and his partner Patrick Noor, unveiled its AntiRoll stabilising system for superyachts. Breaking new

ground, it features a curved, retractable, high-aspect steel n that both rotates and aps up and down much like the pectoral ns of a whale.

The rst AntiRoll system

is set for a 37m Van der

Valk Continental III Trawler.

The second, says DMS, is a candidate for a 50m Feadship that is due for a re t in early 2015. “It is our thinking that in about ve years’ time, half of

all new-built superyachts may well come equipped with the AntiRoll system,” says van Aken.

A new chapter

The system is for yachts of 30m and longer. Its development opens a brave new chapter for a company that in recent years made its mark in small yacht damping with the electrically- driven, non-hydraulic RotorSwing for yachts up to

30m. The company won a 2013 DAME design award nomination for the RotorSwing and is marketing the AntiRoll system for both sailing and motor yachts of between 30m-80m.

It has elicited warm endorsements, notably from the Maritime Research Institute Netherlands (MARIN), which

has been experimenting with roll damping solutions since

the early 1990s. The AntiRoll system is based on work at MARIN, the independent Dutch centre for applied scienti c research (TNO) and Delft University of Technology. DMS says towing and model tests, as well as experts, have con rmed the AntiRoll system delivers better performance, both in terms of stabilisation and low resistance through the water. It says the latter makes AntiRoll ‘greener’ than competing


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