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Superyacht Design

Changing customs

italian yard iSa yachtS iS known for itS Semi-cuStom yachtS, but taking on a 54.5 metre cuStom project led to a very perSonal

deSign proceSS and a new direction for the yard

words: Caroline White

For four years the superyacht industry has been in ux. With the exception of a few

of the oldest marque yards, most builders have evolved to survive and are re-emerging now as leaner, more exible, more responsive businesses.

ISA Yachts’ 54.5 metre steel and aluminium motor yacht Forever One, due for launch from the Ancona yard in June, is an example of a builder developing with courage and insight, in an unexpected direction.

‘It’s the rst fully custom yacht by ISA Yachts, the rst big challenge we’ve taken in this category,’ says Gianluca Fenucci, head of project management and co-founder

of ISA Yachts. ‘We’ve always based our yachts on platforms and every platform was customised with the client. But this client made a proposal that was totally custom. We were looking for business and had a team that could do this. Also, we saw the (industry’s) future was going in the direction of more customised builds. Those who were [being successful] were exible enough, without taking too much of a risk. So we said OK, we feel strong enough for this.’

This decision was bolstered by a solid external team. Not only did the yard feel con dent in the experienced owner and his vision, but he also came to them via

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