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** MLC Compliant Crew Agency (AMSA Registered) ** Terms and Conditions of Business:

SUPERYACHT CREW INTERNATIONAL is a professional recruitment agency

for the Superyacht Industry. Our team of dedicated staff have over 50 years combined

yachting experience. We specialise in providing suitable professional yacht crew to our

clients: yacht owners, captains, companies or representatives thereof. We provide to our

clients the introduction of crew, and any subsequent contract or agreement between the

client and the crew is the responsibility of the client. Once a candidate is employed the client

should provide an agreement or contract of employment which includes as a minimum; agreed salary, terms and conditions of employment, notice period, etc.

1. The client agrees to engage SUPERYACHT CREW INTERNATIONAL to provide selection, screening and recommendation of qualified crew to be considered for employment by the client.

2. Written acceptance of these terms and conditions (scanned and sent by email or fax) signed by the owner, captain or company representative is required prior to the provision of candidate resumes.

3. Note that the acceptance of any crew introduced by SUPERYACHT CREW INTERNATIONAL will be deemed acceptance of this contract which is legal and lawfully binding.

4. The checking of references of candidates and the testing of applicants will be undertaken by SUPERYACHT CREW INTERNATIONAL to the extent possible. Although every effort is made by SUPERYACHT CREW INTERNATIONAL to verify details, references and qualifications, no responsibility will be accepted for any loss, claim, error, expense, damage, delay or any other action of any applicant introduced by us. It is the employer’s ultimate responsibility to choose their crew.

5. All information provided to individual clients, (i.e. candidate resumes) are to be regarded as confidential and not disclosed to any third parties.

6. The client agrees to notify SUPERYACHT CREW INTERNATIONAL within 36 hours either in writing or via email, of the candidates they have selected to interview or if they require additional references or resumes.

7. Once a candidate has been selected the client must notify SUPERYACHT CREW INTERNATIONAL within 48 hours, details regarding the conditions of employment. This would consist of the candidate’s name, start date, position and salary.

8. Fee Policy:

Permanent and Seasonal Crew: (ie. over 8 weeks employment) 80% of the first month’s salary

Temporary or Casual Crew: (ie. under 8 weeks employment) 20% of the earnings for the period employed

Note: Australian clients will be charged GST on these rates, but international clients are exempt.

If for any reason a permanent candidate leaves or is dismissed, it is the client’s responsibility to advise SUPERYACHT CREW INTERNATIONAL of the cause of the dismissal within 7 days. SUPERYACHT CREW INTERNATIONAL will immediately seek to replace the candidate at no cost provided the invoice has been paid within the terms of agency – see clause 9.

9. Guarantee Policy. Guarantee Policy is applicable only if the invoice is paid within the correct payment terms as described on the invoice. Permanent Crew are guaranteed for 90 days from the date of commencement. This is industry standard. It is for one replacement only per original placement. The guarantee policy is only for the replacement service and does not include refunds or credits.

The Permanent Crew Placement Warranty may be invalidated at our discretion in the event of the following:

(a) Failure by the Client to maintain a safe working environment for the Crew,

(b) Change of ownership of the yacht on which the Crew is employed,

(c) Change of Captain or of the management company resulting in the termination of the employment of


(d) Any major change of schedule from that planned at the time of the employment of the Crew, or

(e) Any other occurrence substantially affecting the conditions of employment of the Crew, including change in the Client’s requirements (job description, required qualifications and the like).

Australian Superyacht Crew Pty Ltd trading as SUPERYACHT CREW INTERNATIONAL Head Office: Sydney Australia. Representatives in Gold Coast, Melbourne, Perth, UK.

Tel: 1800 SYCREW or +61 410 689288 E:

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