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5.3 Cruise vessel

3 1

1 Direct Drive LEISURE

The selection of the propulsion system should be based on the operational pro le of the vessel.


Energy rating:


   


Energy rating:


    


+ Ready-made configuration: easy to specify, easy to build accordingly

+ Reliable technology

+ Propeller design with FPP or CPP and op-

tions based on efficiency

+ Less installed power needed. The main en-

gine sea margin does not consume energy.

+ Flexible spatial arrangement of the propulsion components. Lower shaft heigh solutions are

+ Comfort through low vibration level

+ Low noise levels

+ Safety through excellent vessel performance in

adverse weather and sea conditions

+ Excellent fuel economy

+ Environmentally friendly

+ Automated systems ensure the optimized

operation and efficiency of all components available. Cons:

+ Transformerless low voltage 690 V system design available for 2–4 propulsion motors, 1–18 MW total propulsion power.

+ Open to all energy sources and forms of energy storage


- Hydrodymanical benefits created by the pulling propeller are not available

- A separate steering system is needed

- Needs close cooperation with the shipyard to reach its full potential

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