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Bringing Superyachts into Australia

What is a superyacht?

A superyacht is defined as any high value luxury sailing ship or motor vessel which is all of the following:

 24 metres or longer in length

 Not carrying cargo

 Used for sport or pleasure

Arriving in Australia

Operators intending to bring a superyacht to Australia under its own power must notify the Department of Immigration and Border Protection of the impending arrival at least 96 hours before arrival in Australia. The requirements may be found on the Let Us Know You're Coming webpage. Impending arrival reports may be made by email to:

Entering Australia

Superyachts on international voyages that enter Australia must arrive at a port of entry that is designated for the arrival of international superyachts, unless permission is granted to arrive at another port in Australia. Further information on Australian ports of entry is available on the Australian ports of entry webpage.

International voyages

Operators of superyachts that enter Australia while on an international voyage to a place outside Australia are generally not required to enter those yachts for home consumption. For example, yachts that transit through Australia on a single direction voyage for the purpose of making passage are not considered as being imported. Port to port clearances will be required and will be limited to ports of entry. Loading of stores and fuel is permitted.

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