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2012-13 Tasmanian Cruise Ship Survey Introduction

The 2012 – 13 Tasmanian Cruise Ship survey was conducted between November 2012 and March 2013. The aim of the survey was to build a profile of holiday-makers who arrive by cruise ship and provide information not only about expenditure, origin and activities undertaken while ashore, but also their overall experience and propensity to visit again.

This document sets out key facts and figures from the survey, details on how the survey was conducted, and some points of interest that may assist tourism operators and others in the industry who wish to be involved with the cruise sector.

Overall, cruise ship arrivals, passenger and crew numbers, and expenditure for the season have returned to similar levels recorded before the Global Financial Crisis. While the number of ship visits was on par with last season, the size and capacity of vessels has increased significantly and this has naturally had an impact on total visitor numbers in this season compared to last.

Survey approach

o A sample of 20 ‘ship visits’ was selected for the survey. Fifteen ships were included in the sample, with five of them being sampled twice on different visits to the ports.

o 1,648 passengers who went ashore at a Tasmanian port were interviewed (1,512 at Hobart and 136 at Burnie). While counted in total visitor numbers, no crew were surveyed. In the 2010 – 2011 survey both passengers and crew were surveyed.

Key findings

o There were 104,700 visitors1 (passengers and crew) who visited Tasmania on cruise ships in the 2012-13 cruise ship season, a 41% increase in visitor numbers compared with the 2011-12 season. Of these, 85,720 were passengers.

o The average number of passengers and crew per ship was 2,630, compared to 1,600 in the previous season.

o Twenty-one vessels visited the main ports of Hobart and Burnie for a total of 442 visits during the 2012-13 Tasmanian cruise ship season. This compares with 22 vessels and 42 visits in the 2011 – 2012 season.

o The estimated expenditure of cruise ship passengers was $10.1 million3.

o Of the passengers surveyed, 46% were from interstate and 54% were from overseas. 24% per cent of all visitors were from the United States of America (USA), 13% from the United Kingdom (including Ireland) and 18% from New South Wales.

1 The number of unique passengers and crew aboard each ship to visit Tasmania based on figures supplied by TasPorts. If a passenger travelled on a ship that docked at more than one location in Tasmania, they are counted only once.

2 Number of ship visits excludes visits to ports other than Burnie & Hobart. Total number of all cruise ships to all Tasmanian locations during 2012-13 was 54. Some vessels stopped at more than one port during a single visit to Tasmania.

3 The calculation for expenditure assumes all passengers spent time ashore at each port.

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