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Podded Drive System

Podded Drive System

The Radisson Seven Seas Voyager utilizes an all electric podded drive propulsion system. The two Dolphin podded systems were provided by STN Atlas Marine Electronics and Wartsila Propulsion. Installed at the Genoa yard by T. Mariotti shipyard.

Successful Sea Trials

The 50,000 gross ton Voyager completed sea trails of the podded system, which delivers 7,000 kw power each at 175 rpm. The pod system is a relatively new, and successful adaptation of propulsion methods to cruise ships. Large generators produce the massive amount of electrical energy needed to power the large underwater electric motors. Some ships have gone to jet turbines to produce this power, which on some newer ships are actually small enough to be mounted in the stacks well above the water. This evolution to move the propulsion system outside of the hull frees up valuable space which can be used for revenue purposes.

Benefits of Podded Drive Systems

The pod system allows a 360 degree vertical rotation which aids in docking and slow speed maneuverability. The powerful air cooled six phase electric motor is housed in a hydrodynamic pod under the hull and completely removes the drive system and mechanics out of the ship. This also helps in reducing vibrations associated with the huge drive shafts found on most older ships.

Other Electronics

STN Atlas also provided integration of the synchro converters, control and joystick system, diesel alternators, high voltage distribution assembly with propulsion and main transformers and bow thrusters. The bridge is equipped with a NACOS 45-4 integrated navigational command system.


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