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Four Seasons Bora Bora Review

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Bora Bora, French Polynesia

Four Seasons Resort and Spa Tuesday, January 20, 2009
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Bora Bora
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Jetski Tour and New Hut

We had scheduled a jetski tour of Bora Bora, and also packed before we left for the tour. I had scheduled a over the water hut with a pool for two days. So while we were on the tour, they took our luggage to the new hut. We were also looking forward to our sunset cocktails with our new friends Tina and William, whom we met the day before.

Jetski Tour

Tour Notice

The jetski tour was 27500 XPF (about $310 USD) for a two hour circumnavigation of the island. The tour was great, and a must-do for any tourist. You get to see so much more when you're close to the water. You can see rays, sharks, large game fish, even sea turtles.

(click to enlarge)

Move to a New Hut

Hut Infinity Pool

While we were jetskiing, the staff took our luggage to our new over-the-water hut. I wanted to experience a hut with a plunge pool. It was simply amazing. Not only was the resort new, but this pool hut had to be the best accommodations I've every had (both in terms of comfort, and luxury).

(click to enlarge)

Hut living room.

Flat screen and DVD entertainment center.


Bath looking out to tub.

Outside table.

Deck with sun tanning lounges and infinity plunge pool.

Plunge pool.

Looking over the pool to the peaks of Bora Bora.

Pepe in the plunge pool.

Plunge pool.

Pool reflecting the peaks.

The pool is slightly below the deck level.

Part of the upgrade to the pool hut, is a afternoon fruit tray and water.

Hut pool in mid afternoon.

Looking out from the Four Season's beach to the huts.

Resort beach.

Over the water Huts


Our move to the over-the-water-hut with plunge pool was a expensive luxury, but well worth it for a few nights. The hut was amazing. Having the pool is a really nice feature. Not only does it look cool, but you can use it day or night.

(click to enlarge)

A view from the pier which goes out to the multi-segment route to the huts.

Food platters for our sunset cocktail party.

The cheese plate.

The fruit plate.

Cheese and fruit plate.

The outside table set for the cocktail party.

A bottle of chilled Cristal.

Tina, Cassie and Pepe at sunset.


Table of Food

We invited our new friends, Tina and William over for a sunset cocktail before they ventured off to Bloody Mary's for dinner. The hut is big enough to entertain about 20 people.

(click to enlarge)

Tina and William at sunset.

Glass of Cristal with Bora Bora sunset in the background.

The beautiful reflection of the infinity pool.

Sunset champagne.


Sunset Reflection

The cocktail part food was a really good appetizer. The sunset was just beautiful as it reflected off our hut infinity pool.

(click to enlarge)



The sun finally meets the horizon on the other side of Bora Bora.

Sunset bar for a light dinner.

Pepe at the sunset bar enjoying a martini. I was actually surprised they didn't have Malibu Rum - all the other resorts did.

Sushi plate.

Late night snack - room service.

The late night snack - pizza.

Sushi menu.

Sushi menu.

Pictures of the types of sushi, sashimi and rolls.


End of Day

It was another adventure packed day starting with the jetski tour of Bora Bora, then relocating into our new over-the-water hut (with plunge pool) and finally our sunset cocktail party. What stands out about the Four Season's experience is the high quality of the architecture, comfort of the accommodations, and wonderful service. I had to actually look for flaws to critique, and could find very few. They strive for perfection at the Four Seaon's, and they do a good job of reaching that goal at this resort.

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