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Telluride Mountain Adventure

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Telluride - Rocky Mountains

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Telluride Colorado, USA

Saturday - Mountain Village Saturday, August 30, 2008
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Telluride Colorado
Telluride Colorado

First Full Day in Telluride

We awoke to a beautiful sunny day in the high altitudes of Telluride. The village of Telluride is at 8,500 feet. After putting together our daypacks, we headed out just after 9 am to find some breakfast.

Allreds restaurant - card.

Map of the mountains and trails above Telluride and Mountain Village.

Map info.

Map info and trail safety.

The small river (stream) through Telluride.

Going up the cablecar from the village of Telluride to St. Sophia station. More than 1,000 vertical feet up.

Approaching Mountain Village which is below the ridge where St. Sophia station is located.

A view of the San Juan mountain range from the St. Sophia station.

Cablecar - Gondola - Telluride

The Cablecar from Telluride to St. Sophia Station

Telluride has a fantastic (and free) transportation system up to St. Sophia Station, to Mountain Village, and from the parking lot at the bottom of Mountain Village to the Mountain Village station. The cablecar system is Swiss-made, and is great to ride on.

(click to enlarge)

Looking more than 1,000 feet down from St. Sophia Station to the town of Telluride.

St. Sophia station

The cable car going up to St. Sophia station.

Cable car. They operate at night too - without lights. It's really need to skim the tree level at night, all is very silent too.

After we had breakfast at Mountain Village, we took the cablecar to St. Sophia station to hike - but all trails going up were closed. So we decided to hike to some falls from Telluride.

Just outside town there are many hiking trails to great vistas and waterfalls. This is Bear Creek trail.

The is the one of the great views from the trail.

The falls in the distance.

Always wear layers when hiking. It was cool in the morning, then it heated up in the sunshine in the afternoon.

The Bear Creek falls at the end of the trail.

The falls.

The water is very cool and refreshing.

Multicolored rock at the bottom of the falls.

Looking down the valley from the falls.

Ogio daypack - perfect for a day hike. Always bring raingear - as the sunshine will sometimes turn to rain, as it did on this hike.

Again looking down the valley towards Telluride from the falls.

After a afternoon of hiking, we relaxed a bit, then got dressed up for dinner. First stop was the film festival at Mountain Village to see the lines awaiting the next movie premiere.

After looking around Moutain Village a bit, we took the cablecar up to St. Sophia station.

St. Stophia station is where Allreds is located.

Pepe in front of the entrance to Allreads, located at 10,500 ft.

Looking over the menu, with a fantastic view of the mountains and Telluride below.

Allreds Restaurant - Telluride - St. Sophia Station

First course, salad. This goes down as one of the top three dinners I've ever experienced.

Just starting the main entree.

I had the Kobe beef filet and the lobster. All excellent. I've had Kobe only three times, and it's well worth the $75 price. It was grilled on a wood fired grill. The lobster is market price - but expect another $40+ add-on.

The bar at Allreds - also with an excellent view. Our waitress told us that they routinely see small bears and dear outside.

I made reservations online - however we found you really didn't need reservations on the off-season. We even got a window seat, which is rare.

Allreds contact info. If you like fine dining and great views, you must go to Allreds - it was a fantastic experience.

The Allreds ad in the local magazine.

End of Day - Hiking and Touring

My perfect travel day is hiking in the morning, having lunch on the trail, then getting back in mid-afternoon to relax. That is followed by a nice dinner out and bed to early for the next days adventures. It started sunny, rained a bit in the afternoon, but then cleared up again. The highlight of the day were the great views of the beautiful mountains, then dinner at Allreds. The view from Allreds was amazing, and the food matched the view.

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| Allreds Restaurant - Telluride - St. Sophia Station
| Allreds Restaurant - Telluride - St. Sophia Station


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