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Seadream I Spring Eastern Caribbean

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Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands

Embarkation Day Sunday, April 02, 2006
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Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas
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Embarkation Day

Bluebeards Castle

The morning of the second day of April was sunny and warm. All hints of poor weather were gone.

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Check-out at Bluebeards

Castle Wall

Since there's a heavy penalty for late check-out, we checked out early, before the 10:00 a.m. deadline. We stored our luggage at the front desk (they have a holding room for luggage) and ventured out to see some of the port before our embarkation time in the afternoon.

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Taco Fiesta

We tried walking down the hill to the port, but there were literally no sidewalks for a good portion of the dangerous road. St. Thomas is known for it's lake of walking friendly roads - and alot of walking tourists (from the cruise ships) get injured every year from vehicles in this crowed city. We finally gave up walking and took a open air cab (truck with bench seats) to Taco Fiesta for brunch. Taxi was $4.00 each. Taco Fiesta had very good Latin food.

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St. Thomas has a wide array of really nice yachts anchored and at the quay in Charlotte Amalie.

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Walking Along the Docks


The concrete pier has a nice wide walkway all along most of the port, where you'll see large yachts like this one.

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Paradise Point


After brunch at Taco Fiesta and a walk to see the megayachts, we took a taxis ($4.00 each) to the base of Paradise Point.

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Cablecar Ticket

The base of Paradise Point is just a few blocks from the cruise ship pier. It's $18.00 per person for a round-trip ride to the top and back. There is also a steep road you can drive up (or jog up if you have lots of energy).

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West Indian Company Cruise Ship Dock


The tramway ride is about 10 minutes and gives you a spectacular view of the West Indian Company Cruise Ship Dock and Havensight Mall. The mall is for the thousands of cruise ship patrons as well as the crews of the ships. You'll find all types of shops here, as well as internet cafes. Seadream I is docked all the way to the right in this photo.

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Cruise Ships

Another view of Havensight and the port with the huge cruise ships. There is a bar/restaurant at the top of Paradise Point with live music usually in the afternoon and evening. Sunsets from here are great. We had a few drinks then ventured back to Bluebeards via taxi to get our luggage and go to the dock.

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Seadream I


After a slight wait, we boarded the ship, Seadream I at 2:10 p.m. in the afternoon. No point in getting there before their stated boarding time - there are no early boardings. You'll end up waiting outside the dock until your published boarding time.

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Boarding Pass

After you give them your passports for safekeeping, and your major credit card for onboard expenses, you are issued boarding passes which you need to keep with you when you exit the ship.

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Welcome Aboard

Champagne Welcome

As soon as you step foot aboard the ship, you're greeted by the Captain and heads of staff, along with a cool moist towel and a glass of champagne to start the voyage off right. There's nothing more exciting that embarkation - you're about to start a voyage after a great deal of anticipation. It's even better if you're coming from the colder climates in the winter or spring break. It's the smells of the salt air, the musty humid tropics and the glistening clean ship that keep you coming back for more every year.

(click to enlarge)

We had stateroom 415 and our Stewardess was Tesse - whom we had the year before. It was like meeting an old friend. She greeted us with a warm smile, and a welcome back.

More champagne awaits you in your compact, but comfortable sitting area.

Ship cabins are small but functional. I find the chairs useless, and they take up valuable room.

The desk area has data ports for your computer (internet access is a extra fee), phone ($15 a minute), flat screen Sharp Aquos, and a mini-fridge.

Exploring the Ship

Ships Pool - Aft

After we unpacked, we explored the ship. Since we were on her the previous year, we knew our way around, and headed up to the bar for some drinks.

(click to enlarge)


Top of the Yacht Bar

At 4:00 p.m. there was a port talk and 5:00 p.m. mandatory lifeboat drill. By 6:30 p.m. we were in the Jacuzzi sipping on some chilled Corona's.

(click to enlarge)

Top of the Yacht Bar

Top Deck

The Top of the Yacht Bar is generally were people gather for mid-afternoon cocktails, sunset drinks and after dinner gatherings.

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Evening Dining


Dinner was a wonderful beef tenderloin. The food aboard the Seadream is the best I've had on any cruise. If you don't want to try new menu fares, order the tenderloin or beef filet every night - that is what I did. Of course you can mix and match entree's and menu items are a-la carte so you still get great sampling of what the fantastic chef has to offer on a nightly basis.

(click to enlarge)

Daily program for the ship. In .pdf format.

Laundry prices. In .pdf format.

Ships route for this voyage. In .pdf format.

Land and sea tours off the ship. In .pdf format.

Ships onboard TV guide. In .pdf format.

Welcome aboard letter from the staff. In .pdf format.

Welcome aboard port letter. In .pdf format.

You notices are located on the desk when you arrive to your stateroom.

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